Our Values and Mission Statement: 'Together We Achieve!'

We aspire to provide a world-class education, because our children deserve nothing less. 
We want our children to be emotionally intelligent.  Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of our curriculum, ensuring children are given the opportunity to thrive and grow and instill their thirst for learning, in order to achieve and excel on their journey through life.
If our children are emotionally intelligent, they are self-aware.  If they are self-aware, they are able to self-regulate.  They can then be motivated to achieve. If they can work through these intelligences, they are then able to empathise (be sympathetic) and develop good social skills.
We recognise that children have multiple intelligences – we need to allow children to explore this and discover what they are smart at.  When children know what they are smart at, they grow in confidence and self-esteem.  This then allows them to develop their other intelligences and become smarter at more things.  For example, a child might be body smart (physical), word smart, maths smart, English smart, nature smart, music smart, etc.  We have to help them to develop these intelligences.  We will do this through our curriculum and place much emphasis on Outdoor Learning and Forest Schools.
To accelerate learning, children need to be multi-sensory and the outdoor environment is perfect to develop these senses – visual (using eyes - seeing), auditory (using ears - hearing), kinaesthetic (using their body - movement), olfactory (using their nose - smelling), gustatory (using their mouth – taste) – if learning in a multi-sensory way, learning is accelerated.
We are also responsible for building our children’s self-esteem – building their overall sense of self-worth.  The greater their self-esteem, then the greater their confidence and the more likely they are to engage with the curriculum.
Our aims:
At Middleton Primary School we believe in growing hearts and minds.  We achieve this by:
  • Providing high quality education, which meets the needs of all our learners
  • Ensuring our children have the right to a caring, safe and welcoming environment, where everyone feels valued and where all members of the school community have the opportunity to fulfill their full potential. 
  • Promoting rights and responsibilities. The right to a quality education. Teaching children that they are responsible for taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to them.  
  • Providing a high quality, stimulating and relevant curriculum, that meets the needs of every child.   
  • Welcoming all pupils and providing the best experience for them, regardless of race, religion, gender, culture and sexual orientation.