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Middleton Primary School Staff - 2018/19
Leadership Team:
Head Teacher: Sam Williams
Deputy Head Teachers:  Sarah Latham and Penni Bullock
Assistant Head Teacher: Sarah Tissiman
School Business Manager: Sheila Hunt
Teaching Staff:
Reception: Sarah Latham and Rebecca Harrington
Year 1: Nichola Sowden and Sarah Ambler/Victoria Hutchings
Year 2: Jane Hurst/Clare McLean, Phillippa Garnett and Eppie Smith
Year 3: Penni Bullock/Michelle Park and Emma Taverner
Year 4: Kerry Stockdale and Alex Burmo
Year 5: Emma-Jane Smith and Josh Edwards
Year 6: Tracy Haigh and Sarah Tissiman
PE Teacher across school: Alison Oldfield
Speech and Language Therapist: Chatterbug and NHS (Lindsay and Amy)
SENCO – Janet Draper
Support Staff:
Support Staff Manager/HLTA: Michelle Hales
Cover Supervisor: Audrey O’Gorman
Reception: Angie Gaunt, Claire Oldfield, Julie Harrison, Theresa Liddle and Lynn Meadows (Jordan Hartley, Lesley Brewer and Louise Brain 1:1 support) 
Year 1: Lisa Caley and Petra Brookes (Natalie Mosshaf 1:1 support)
Year 2: Dawn Cowburn, Marie Binns and Natasha Bradley (Beth Turner, Emma Emery and Rebecca Evans – 1:1 support)
Year 3: Nichola Stanhope and Kath Stubley
Year 4: Maria Hopton and Claire Ward
Year 5: Terri-Lee Sunderland and Carolyn Kelly/Julie Barker/Rose Clayton
Year 6: Mandy McGlynn, Kathyanne Hammill, Johanna Priestley and Kate Timpson 
Speech and Language Support: Lisa Caley
Star Class Support: Adele Woolley.
Lead Learning Mentor:
June Reilly
Learning Mentors:
Ann Bradley, Allison Kennedy, Ania Lamptey, Karen Tiffany
Place 2 Be Staff:
Mark Ruston
Midday Staff:
Michaela Appleyard                    Kirsty McMenamin
Laura Brain                                 Terri-Lee Sunderland
Petra Brookes                             Karen Townson
Mandy McGlynn                          Jeannie Wilson                          
Sarah Geldhill                             Joanne Walker
Kathyanne Hammill                    Rebecca Evans
Maria Hopton                              
Georgina Ibbotson
Cluster Support Staff:
Joanne Hainsworth, Jodie Barker, Claire Lindley, Helen Taylor and Lorraine Healey
Site Management Staff:
Ian Szefer and Michael Green
School Business Manager:
Sheila Hunt
Administrative Staff:
Alison Lynn, Bernadette Baldwinson, Donna Hartley
School Catering:
Diane Westerman, Sarah Croft, Tina Scrupps, Rachel Fowler, Beverley Lambert and Jane Rhodes
School Cleaners:
Mary Millar, Karen Townson, Kelly Shaw, Katie Timpson, Joanne Walker, Jeannie Wilson
Educational Psychologist:
Laurie Petch

Speech and Language Support:
Amy Burgess (NHS) and Jennifer Lawrence (Chatterbug)