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Year 3 visit to Magna Centre13 Mar 2017I've been told about the visit by Year 3 to the Magna Cente in Sheffield on 7th March and I gather that everyone really enjoyed it.Having been there myself,I'm not surprised, because it's a really fascinating place,with all kinds of things to capture childrens' interest.
What I was really pleased to hear though was that our children behaved brilliantly the whole time and in fact this was remarked on by the staff at Magna. In addition,every single child said "thankyou" to the coach driver when arriving back at school, which showed how well mannered and polite our children are. So - a big "well done" to Year 3 children - you're a real credit to Middleton PrimarySchool !
Actually, I've had similar reports after other school trips - for example the last trip to London, when the hotel staff were very impressed with the excellent behaviour shown by our children. So, again,a big"well done" to all of our children who went on that trip.
Altogether, it's brilliant when those outside of school see just how good our children are and  it makes Governors very proud to be a  part of Middleton Primary - thanks everyone !! 

Geoff Day
Chair of Governors

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