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Return to school - be safe !30 Oct 2017Welcome back to school to all of our children and of course to all of our parents, carers and to our staff !  
Well, the dark nights are upon us now that the clocks have gone back, so it's worth reminding everyone that we all need to take more care, for example,when crossing the road, as it's much harder for drivers to see you.
There used to be a safety campaign on TV some years ago that encouraged everyone to "be sure,be bright,wear something light,wear something light at night!" - still good advice and well worth following I think!
Also a reminder that it's Halloween tomorrow,,so again a "be safe" reminder to any of our children who may be going out "trick or treating".
Then of course it'll be bonfire night before you know it,so a big "BE SAFE" plea to everyone - children and parents/carers.Have  a great time but make sure you behave sensibly and  avoid any accidents 
Geoff Day
Chair of Governors

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