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Middleton Primary School 

School Prefects 

In Key Stage 2 we have School Prefects.  They are role models for other children in school – this is their primary role.  They are known to everyone in school by their photos on our Prefects Display Board and by wearing their Prefect Badges.  They have another key role in school and this is helping in our School Hall on a daily basis.  They make sure children clear up after themselves and help to keep our hall clean and tidy and quiet!  Our Prefects meet with Miss Williams every 2-3 weeks to catch up on how things are going. 

Our Prefects this year are:  Mason, Poppy, Ashton, Denis, Alisha, Amber, Ebony, Maggie, Adam, Hollie, Isabelle, Max, Maddie, Maddison, Summer and Jaiden. 

As a ‘thank you’ for all of their hard work, we have some treats when we meet!  At the end of the year we go bowling and have lunch out!  Thank you Prefects, for all your hard work! 

Miss Williams